The Cellar

The Cellar Built recently, our cellar was conceived in order to maximise efficiency in production. The grapes brought here have their stalks removed and are then placed into acclimatised tanks that allow for the constant monitoring of the wine-making processes. All controls during alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, as well as pumping, are entirely programmed by sophisticated electronic networks, which maintain stable temperatures and consequently extract and emphasize all the best characteristics of the grapes. The total capacity of the steel tanks, both those used for vinification and those used for ageing, is of more than 1500 hl. After vinification, the wine is funnelled into large Slavonia oak barrels and small barrels, for a total capacity of 600 hl. The wine rests in this underground environment for about two years, protected from light and noise. Although the cellar provides a quiet environment, here too both temperature and humidity are constantly monitored. Bottling is undertaken with our machinery in the packing room, and the wine then lies in our cellar for the correct ageing. The length of ageing is decided on a case by case basis, although this is never less than six months. This is due to the characteristics of the wine, which can vary depending on the climate and conditions of the year of harvest.