About Us

The Citille di Sopra farm was established in 1997 when the Innocenti family passed it on to their son Fabio, who had already owned a share of the farm since 1992. He decided to set up the wine business alongside the farm’s decade-old core business: the cultivation of cereals. A careful evaluation of the soil determined which vine shoots and clones of Sangiovese were best to use. In addition rammed cord was chosen in order to take into account qualitative production values and geographic specificity. Of the more than one hundred hectares that make up the property, only 5,5 hectares are currently vineyards, and these are situated in the area best suited to making Brunello. The soil is mainly clayey, rich in limestone, and with large tuffaceous areas, predominantly sterile: ideal for mid-hill vine growing. In this area in fact, it is possible to avoid icy and frosty late fogs that can occur in lower valley areas. Almost constant winds provide healthy protection against plant diseases, reducing to a minimum the need for phyto-sanitary treatments.